Friday, December 13, 2019

Have you ever, just once, heard someone complain about the usage of, 'Merry Christmas.' I'm an atheist and I say, Merry Christmas.  It's  f-ing Christmas!


Why do old people shop at Piggly Wiggly? Do they get a huge discount, or, free stuff? I was waiting for a bus the other day and watching old folks crawl, creep, and scooter drive into the store. 95% of shoppers were over the age of 70. I kid you not! Why? I was really tempted to take a survey but the mechanical Santa was hogging prime space.


Unlike Pelosi who says she hates no one, I can say I detest many- mostly the members of the Republican party who voted, "No," for impeachment.  Something is so very wrong, here. Also, Elizabeth Warren is falling in the polls. No one wants actual statistics or a reality check. Her plans are not being well received. Change costs money. Hang in there, Elizabeth. 


Okay, now something very personal.  My family doesn't read my blog anyway, but what I'm going to write might make you think less of me. Anyway, my younger sister's husband died last week. There will be a memorial service for him tomorrow.  I don't plan on going. I didn't like him. He was lazy. He never washed himself. He abused his kids when they were younger. The last five years or so he had been in an assisted living facility because he was too lazy to take care of his health issues. I think it was when my older sister and I overheard a conversation he was having over the phone with his wife. We could hear him loud and clear. He wanted to move two hours away to a facility to be closer to his brothers who have never bothered to visit him. My sister always had to drive her husband to family events. So, hubby also wanted my sister to buy a new car so she could drive back and forth, a four hour trip, several times a week. He had no regard for what he was putting her through, plus the fact they don't have money. As my sister listened to him without anger or rage, I was incensed.  I don't know if he had her brainwashed or she was just damned tired of it all, but she didn't seem upset by the fact he wanted her to do his bidding. She wasn't going to, still, how do you live with a useless, ungrateful pig? I'm relieved he's gone. Maybe my sister can have a life now.


Ending on a lighter note (maybe) I need your opinion. I know I'm weird,  but how weird is over the top, moving into crazy land? A few years back my sister sent me these two little rubber hero dolls which she got from some company advertising their name, blah, blah... so I  privately sent her funny pictures of Fred and Derf, swimming, getting into general mischief.  Going through my Christmas decorations I found them and posted on fb pictures of them (see below) again. Do you think I should stop this nonsense and grow up. Is it creepy weird? Hmm, maybe that wasn't a lighter note.

Helping with ornaments 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Don't Touch!

I'm not going to name names. You can google for the story, the one about a female reporter who was standing by runners during a marathon when a male smacked her on her behind. She was shocked, embarassed and humiliated. I've seen so many comments by men and women who think she overreacted.  'Just a little fun,' they say.

It's not fun. It's not trivial. I am so sick of people who have no idea how this affects someone. Keep your hands off, you miserable piece of shit.

I have seen the nasty shit who slapped her, and I hope the reporter files charges. I hope he does time. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Normal is Relative

My, but I have been away. I have no excuse except to say I've been doing normal things such as making a rug like the pioneer women of old. It's taken me over a month to creat a 1' x 2' mat. I've also been on YouTube much too often watching young ladies buy hundreds of dollars worth of crappy clothes, then show them off. I've also finished my Christmas shopping,  something I've never done this early. LOL dolls are all the rage, dahlings. I've even kept track of our naughty, naughty leader who is out of the country as I write this. Please, can we keep him out? My pick, Elizabeth, is falling in the polls, and Kamala has dropped out. I'm afraid I shall not be normal until this debacle is over. 

Monday, November 25, 2019

When A Turkey Was Brown

I know I'm old because:

1) I have no idea what Taylor Swift sounds like.

2) I don't know what, 'Ok, boomer,' means, but I think it's shade.

3) Kids are learning coding instead of cursive.

4) I cringe when I buy bread that costs over $3.

5) I know how to dial a rotary phone, fold a map, and use a phone book.

6) 'Dreads,' meant something I hated.

7) Slime was something to be avoided.

8) Only kids rode bikes.

9) The Amazon was full of snakes and giant spiders, not brooms and drones.

10) Every dad knew how to fix a car, and never cried in public.

11) Moms made dinner every night, and drank in private.

12) Kids kicked a can instead of a soccer ball.

13) 'Edible,' meant something else.

14) The worst thing I had to fear in school was a nun in a bad mood.

15) This was a turkey

not this... 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

What We Find Beautiful

Hmmm... everyone is ooohing and awwwing over the little puppy with a tail on his forehead. I see a lot of these images on Facebook and Pinterest, animals with crossed eyes, strange bithmarks, six toes... on and on. It's strange how our minds find these animals special and adorable, yet, if the same happens to humans we are appaled and usually think, ewwww. Facebook recently put up a warning that showed a young boy whose skin had been burned off his face. There is a vlogger (sbsk) on youtube who visits people who were born with facial deformities. He asks them what most they would like people to know about them. They just want to be treated the same as anyone else. YouTube no longer allows people to make comments on this site and others like it. They chose to throw out the baby with the bath water. If YouTube wants to play hall monitor then they need to shut down all commenting. I have seen ugly comments made to the sweetest vloggers. There are some very ugly people out there, ugly in their hearts. I'm guessing most have gone through some trauma of their own, hence the need to tear down the good, the kind, the not so cute.
I find everything about the idolizing over the Kardashians the epitome of pathetic. I don't expect we humans to evolve anytime soon regarding what is beautiful. Still, I wish we could become more accepting of people who have facial deformities as much as we do over a puppy with a tail on his forehead.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Do I Influence You?

I've seen the Wish app on Facebook pop up all the time and if you are familiar with the app you know it's an online store selling stuff for incredibly low prices. A coat for $1!? Just pay shipping which could run from $2- $29. What the hell, I'll play so I bought a pair of cute jeans with lace on the sides for $5. I'm still waiting for my ship to come in. I feel rawther guilty because I can imagine little babies working in a dark, cold factory, sewing together items with their baby fingers. Anyway, ever since I went on Wish I get lots of videos on YouTube with young "influencers," buying craploads of clothes, modeling them, then giving their opinion to the minions who listen to them. When I go on YouTube I usually just watch what I'm given which lately consists of all the liberal pundits, hoarders, cleaners, funny cat videos, and young people trying on cheap clothes. Okay, YouTube knows me. Well duh, Google spys on us. Now I'm going to get conspiracy videos. (((sigh))) I've been watching several influencers because I want to see how bad these cheap clothes really are and because these so called beauty experts don't fit the norm of what most of the world considers beautiful.  Some are of average weight, one extremely overweight, one with an annoying bird, and a few of true colors, shapes, sizes, that are not a size zero. You know, real people. I know Google will eventually replace all this with something else they see I'm into and I won't complain, but in the meantime, I am all up in their world. The latest news the influencers are discussing is their trip to Beautycon, which actually took place a few months ago. Some of the tubers were not happy with their experience. Beautycon employees and higher ups claim to be all inclusive and perhaps they are but that news doesn't seem to have trickled down to the young people who think because they have five million viewers they deserve to cut in line, be driven around, and generally being given special treatment. This did not sit well with some. Watching some of the video from one who complained was cringe worthy. These are young people who think they make a difference in their viewers lives. It is all so immature and childish crap which would be funny except for the fact that they do influence the naive, the gullible, the insecure, the sad sacks who watch the useless Kardashians, and want to be just like them. It all comes down to the fact that humans like pretty things and that includes people who photoshop their real images into Barbie likenesses and aspire to be just like that. I have accepted, sadly... (my phone just crashed and I lost my wise last words)
Whatevs. You get where I'm going. Nothing has changed or will change when it's about our preconceptions regarding what is beautiful.
I also realize I have no influence with my followers,  thank goodness. Have a day of wishes my dears.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

And We Liked It !

Ha, that mother nature, she sure is funny. Trick or treating has been postponed due to snow. Last year was the perfect weather for t&t. Ah, that global warming. I do recall when I was a wee lass, we dragged our asses and wet bags through pouring rain, sleet, fog, zombies... and we liked it!

BTW: Did you see the orange man and his trophy wife handing out candy and putting the candy on top of the kid's costume? Lol. Too funny.

Impeachment is a lovely word.

Have you ever, just once, heard someone complain about the usage of, 'Merry Christmas.' I'm an atheist and I say, Merry Christm...