Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Dyatlov Mystery

I love a mystery, especially one like this, which is true, as true as any mystery can get, I suppose.

In 1959 ten students from Polytechnical University in Eastern Russia, near Siberia, decided to hike to the Ural Mountains and back before school started. It was sort of like a Scout's club where you receive a badge for technical difficulty. All of the nine members were experienced skiiers, climbers, hikers. There was seven men and two women, the group was being led by Igor Dyatlov, a twenty-three year old natural leader. The group of nine started their hike in Ivdel, taking on another person who wanted the tough adventure as well. He was the oldest at 38. The number remained nine as one of the students decided he could not go on due to serious back and knee pain. If he didn't leave now he'd never have the chance. He waved off his friends, the last to ever see them alive. On February 20th, parents started to worry when the crew had yet to arrive. School had already started and parents went to officials at the school asking questions. No one was really concerned at this time thinking the students were just behind in their arrival, perhaps due to weather. Eventually, a few students were asked to go in search of the missing party. On February 26th the men came upon the tent which was partially collapsed and frozen. They used an ax to get inside, where they found no bodies, alive or dead, but only the nine pair of boots lined up as if ready for the next day's hike. On one side of the tent were three rents giving the impression something had tried to get inside. It seemed to the searchers the group had left the tent in a mad rush. As they searched the area, they found two bodies about 500 metres away from the tent. Another few metres away they found three more bodies. Most of the students were in half dress as if whatever frightened them was enough for them to leave unprepared. Not until April did they find the four remaining bodies which had been found down a ravine. The bodies had blunt force trauma, and Lyudmila, one of the two women, was missing her tongue and eyes. The bodies were examined with the conclusion that the first persons found had died of hypothermia- the latter, blunt force trauma.

There were no other prints around the site, human or animal.  A flashlight was found on top of the tent, an ax by the opening. What drove the nine out of the tent that night, and what kept them from returning? The mystery continues to this day. There is so much speculation about what might have happened. By the way, those rents in the tent were not made from someone or something trying to get in, but someone trying to get out.

I found the book, 'Dead Mountain,' written by Donnie Eichar, who has his own theories.

Like I say, I love a good mystery and this is one that may never be solved. That doesn't mean me and a boatload of people will ponder this strange true tale.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Context, People, Context

Oops. I received a message from Facebook stating a comment I made was, "hate speech." The story was about male bees blinding the queen in order for her to stay in the hive. Yikes, that's horrific. So, my comment was, "Men are evil." Really, I don't think all men are evil, some men are evil, and as for male bees who blind the queen,  that's fucking evil. I am appealing my decision because Facebook is just getting ridiculous.  I follow a few people who have been banned for the stupidest reasons. Sweet Ruby was born with a small brain/ head (sorry, don't want to lose train of thought. Will add medical diagnosis later) She is a fighter and a joy to follow. Her page had been pulled. YouTube no longer allows comments on children's  vlogs because they don't want children exploited.  I get it, but, there must be better control to this. It cannot be a blanket ban.
I also realize a robot is searching for certain words and not real humans. This world is '1984,' and 'Farenheight 451,' and 'MadMax,' altogether.

*Stromme syndrome

Monday, September 9, 2019

Being Michelle

Finally,  I had managed to get a copy of Michelle Obama's book, 'Becoming.' She is a terrific writer with a great story to tell. I have always admired how she can seemingly stay calm when there is chaos all around, and when creeps take potshots at her. She is not made of teflon and the jabs hurt. She also admits she is the yeller during an argument with her husband while he stays calm. Love her more for that.

I miss them both most deeply. Reading this book was like therapy for me. Don't skip it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Doris, Meet Karma

Oh man oh man oh... Anyone remember when I wrote about my former co-worker, "Doris"? Many of my very first posts (2009)were regarding my lay-off, and crazy Doris who had made my life a living hell. I call her Doris because she had the same look as Doris Day, and flounced and floated and smiled. Some were fooled into thinking she was just the best, ever, yet underneath that bob hair was the dark, dark she devil.

(I will try to find old posts and publish an old tome about her)

Well, last night I couldn't sleep so I decided to try and find people I had worked with. Gosh, this was ten years ago since I have been laid off, and ten years with this blog, too. Anyway, I was up all night searching for anything. I kept coming across my former manager's son's old Facebook page. I also came across another co- worker's fb that hadn't been used since 2015. The guy had heart problems so I'm guessing he's no longer with us. This morning I received a message from the manager's son asking if we knew each other. I messaged back writing I was just feeling nostalgic and wondering what everyone was up to. He replied he now works with his dad. Dad doesn't do Facebook so son would relay message. I wrote back, "Just wrote to say hi and wished I had left in better way. (I was hurt and angry) I  also wrote, "...and Doris was absolutely bonkers." Yeah, I  had to say it. A short time later son writes back, "Haha, very interesting.  She is gone. I couldn't take her verbal abuse towards the other employees." Well goll darn, Karma made it finally. I wrote back that I was so glad someone finally saw through her crap.

Folks, I cannot tell you what a red letter day it has been. Finally to know Doris got her comeuppance. I have not heard from my old boss, but that's okay. I know that they know they laid off the wrong person. Ha!

If that wasn't enough, I also found who I think was an old grammar school classmate who bullied my life incessantly during my eight years. I can recall in detail the very first day of first grade and the very last week of eighth grade where she made me feel like shit. This person I found has written a book about lambs against the beast or some religious bullshit. Gahd, that would be delicious if it is her. I did send a pm but no response as of yet. I'm not sure how I should handle it if it turns out to be her. Do I finally spew forth all the rage and hurt I endured, or do I let it go? I'm not religious so I don't believe I'm being tested, uh, hmm, oh, damn that mother of the dark sisterhood who brainwashed me. Maybe this is a test.

You bet I'll update on both stories.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

I AM THE KINGdotdotdot

I am the King of Israel,
bow before this idol, or burn in Hell!

I am the God of flatted Earth,
 kneel before my extremely manly girth.

I shall have my land of money, green,
dig two more holes on the seventeen,

it's filled with jewels and sparkling ice,
tell me sweetheart, what's your asking price?

I charm, I alarm, I lie and cheat,
I slay with the thrust of every tweet.

I once ate a gopher, then peed my pants,
Oh, I love my fellow MAGA's
with their heartless chants.

Daddy gave me a billion and no common sense,
Mother wants to kill me as does Mike Pence.

Melanka and Vladimir are in cahoots,
I need to sun my tan and dye my roots

Fakey fake faker i make the newz,
i feal in my hed a covfefe of screwz

THIs white jaket is AbSIRD AFTER labour day,
i cant eat my hamberder with all these stays.

oh my suns and my dautter (the pretty one)
come get daddy out of the *^$#hole
use Eriks gum gummy gun.

i sea my times over its lock up o'clock,

Friday, August 16, 2019

"Hi, I'm Two Years Old and Donated..."

Ya know what bothers me? I'll tell ya. When I see children, four, five, six year olds, in the news because they decided to sell lemonade, donate handmade socks, make cookies, all for the down trodden. In this time of woe and worry, a feel good story is what people need.

Me, I scoff. Really, young child, you came up with the idea, made gallons of lemonade, knitted thousands of socks, sweated over dozens of cookies?

Yeah, it's nice. I just don't buy it.

Yeah, I'm a bitch.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I'll Get You My Pretty

Ha, we're number one! Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is claiming they were the first to debut the movie, 'Wizard of Oz,' when in fact Kenosha beat them by one day. No matter the beginning,  after a bazillion years, or, eighty, the film still scares the bejesus out of youngsters. You must see this film while you are young- the younger the better. You will never forget the claw hands of the witch riding a bike, ready to take a poor little doggie away from Dorothy. And the flying monkeys and creepy little people sucking on giant lollipops, and the wizard who belches fire. Yeah, the younger the better.

Oh, Wisconsin got the right to debut the movie because Hollywood thought it would be a real stinker so they wanted a reaction from Americana.

So, it may not give me the shudders and I might not have to leave my bedroom light on for a year, but it's still a pretty darn good movie. 

The Dyatlov Mystery

I love a mystery, especially one like this, which is true, as true as any mystery can get, I suppose. In 1959 ten students from Polyte...