Friday, March 22, 2019

It's The Thought That Counts

I realize I have my limits in the old brain sponge. Last night I started reading about, Wigner's friend.' I read a lot- sometimes the same sentence, over and over. I still don't get the all the scientific jargon, but my guess is this scientific experiment (or, is it just a thought? I'm confused about that part) notes that there is no materialistic world. It's all in our heads, kids. Why do see the same things? (for the most part) Because we are one, a collective consciousness. I may be completely wrong on what I have tried to soak into my part of the whole.

What is the point? Is there really some outside factor (let's call him, God) who has a purpose for our hanging around? It also sounds like once we "die" we go on to another realm. We have no free will. We are like drones in a bee hive, ants on an ant hill, eating, pooping, sleeping, doing human things. But, why, why, why? Do I really want to know why? When my body's ashes have been tossed across this planet, will I continue as (?)

Yes, an age old question. Personally, I'd prefer to enter the void, the nothingness. I don't want to be something's play thing.

You know, I may have this whole thing wrong. I really need a book called, Wigner's Friend for Dummies.' Yeah, this is what goes through my head as I try to sleep.

Tomorrow, I will post cute little bunnies.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Oh, Canada!

The satirical movie, 'Canadian Bacon,' probably didn't win any awards. Critics hated it- moviegoers stayed away from it.. I found it to be rawther humorous. It stars John Candy as Bud Boomer, and Alan Alda, as the  liberal presidential dove in the House. There is a big problem in America which is, people are losing jobs because there are no wars going on, no factories making bombs or missiles. In order to stimulate the economy, and get his approval ratings up, the President is pressured into starting a war between Canada and the U.S. by claiming Canada is gearing up and getting ready to start some smack, using recent film footage of a brawl which started during a hockey game when Candy/Boomer, said Canadian beer sucks. 'Canadian Bacon' was written and directed by Michael Moore, which will be obvious as barbs are thrown left to the right.

Is this comedy/semi-drama, relevant to what is happening today? Now, don't laugh, I know it's a goofy movie, but it certainly does have it's moments.  I did make a connection when I thought, "Aha, those dirty bastard right wing nuts were always at it!" The political scheming and lying has not changed. I don't know any Canadians, but they do seem like a nice group of people, always apologizing and smiling. Well, why shouldn't they? Free health care, free college, no guns...

 I am sickened by what is going on in this country. I want revenge when the world has been righted. I want all those 'BBQ Beckys' and 'Jogger Joes' called out and shamed. Then I want them to crawl back into the holes they came from. I want Trump and Co. doing hard time. Mostly, I just want us to be more like Canada.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Dear Aunt Blabby

Dear Aunt Blabby,

  The other day I was sort of listening to my granddaughter blab on, cause she does blab on, but then she caught my attention by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Honestly, Blabby I was quite taken aback. I don't want her pledging anything to her country, or, a god, who in my opinion does not exist, but even if he/she did, that's not up to her school to instill a faith into her. I should have known better when religious songs were sung during their Christmas concert. Yeah, yeah, that sounds ridiculous, I know. "What, Christmas songs sung during the Christmas holiday!?" Okay, I let that one go cause those kids looked so darn cute, I wasn't about to run up the aisle screaming, "Stop the music!"

However, this pledge thing bothers me. She is six years old, and as bright a child that was ever born, I doubt she understands what is required of her and her fellow classmates. I know her mother feels the same way as I do. I raised my girl to think. We both shook our heads in frustration.

What do I do, Aunt Blabby? Nevermind, I've been thinking whilst I write this. Right, she's six. Soon, she will wonder what the hell this gobbledy goop is that she must stand up and promise to give her loyalty to one f-upped country. I guess I can only speak wise words and hope she will resist propaganda, and/or change these archaic ways.

Well, Blabby, you were no help.


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Shake a Stick at ye, Maggie!

My granddaughter asked me what St. Patrick's Day was about. My simple explanation was, it's a day everyone pretends to be Irish, drinks vats of Guinness and sucks on Shamrock shakes. In my day, it was mom making corned beef and cabbage whilst drinking Ye Old Style ale and watching, 'The Quiet Man.' I loved that movie. Yes, sadly that is past tense. Loved. I loved the energy, the accents, the beauty of Ireland. I also wanted a man like Sean Thornton, a man who was tough on the outside and gentle on the inside. It gave me a tingly feeling to see them tussle, and fuss, and fight, and laugh. Oh, how exciting it all is said me twelve yer old mind and body.

Then. I. Grew. Up. Why did people want to see the newly wed beaten? Why did Mary Kate accept violent behavior as love?  "Oh, she just needs to be knocked around a bit. That'll knock her back in her place." I was glad Mary Kate fought back, puzzled when she finally submitted to her brother and husband. Yeah, yeah, this was back in the old days when men could bust a few chairs over each other's head, then shake hands and make up. It was a time when women obeyed. They should be lucky anyone would have them, them at the ripe old age of twenty-three.

***** Another movie that pisses me off, 'It's a Wonderful World,' when Mary becomes a frightened, old librarian because George wasn't there to marry her. But, I digress.

If only Mary Kate Danaher-Thornton could have said no. "No more smacking, spanking, yelling, or bullying. I will stand up to you and any other man who treats me like an object!" Then she goes on to round up all the Irish lasses who also refuse to be spanked (unless they wanna, if you know what I mean) That's the Mary Kate I can visualize.

And here we are in 2019. Mom isn't around to make the corned beef and cabbage, or drink a case of beer. I don't get all giggly when a man tries to protect me by walking on the outside of the sidewalk. Okay, maybe I do chuckle because it's so silly.

Anyway, no more 'Quiet Man.' I haven't found a replacement, yet. Faith and begorrah, me yapper has rambled on a wee bit. Off for a shamrock shake tis I.

I also realize this has nothing to do with St. Patrick. Or snakes. Or potatoes.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tucker is a *ucker

I once upon a time had a co-worker who absolutely loved Rush Limbaugh. He would talk about him incessantly. I never said anything because I knew he was in deep. Nothing was going to change him. I did however, leave the room whenever he showed up, and though I didn't speak words I may have made some guttural noises when he started his diatribe.

He hated me, absolutely, positively hated me. His face would turn beet red if I entered his space. I ran into him in the store one day as he stood in the aisle looking dazed and confused, as was his normal look, I noticed he had brought his son who was around seven or eight. I said, "Hello," which incensed him. He yanked on his child's hand and scuffled away.

I seem to have this affect on people. If you have been around, you know I rarely mince words, especially when it comes to people who are brainwashed by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Tucker Carlson.

Cognitive dissonance.

My co-worker's job and mine existed because of auto makers who took a big hit during the Bush debacle, then saved by Obama.

Let's talk about Tucker Carlson. I don't watch him. Like all the other Reich wing nuts, I stay away, but of course, hear the latest from those "fake" news media sites.

Oooh,according to Wikipedia, he had a good life. Awww, mommy took off when little Tucker was six. Gosh, do you think this has anything to do with his hatred for women?

Unfortunately, like my former co-worker, some men revel in this hate. I can see him listening to every word and laughing along to every ugly word from Carlson's mouth.

Only history will tell how we come out from under this giant hurt that pervades every part of society. As for me, I'll continue to scoff when I hear nonsense. I will leave the room when any man or woman speaks vile crap about women. I have been culpable by keeping my mouth shut to save a job, or ease tensions with relatives, although, I have lost touch with relatives whose political views are different from mine. Some people can separate the politics from the person. I cannot. Never.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Cheney, Cheaters, and the New Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Hi ya. Click on the highlighted text for more information if you have no idea what I'm on about.

I didn't think we could go any lower, yet here we have Dick Cheney scolding Mike Pence.

We know it goes on. One perfect example is the fool in the House. Yes, parents pay to bribe school employees big bucks to get their children into the best schools. Hopefully, this smack down will be the beginning of the end for this disgusting act. College needs to be free for all.

There's no link, here. I just wanted to add this image of three of our congresswomen. I absolutely love it.

It's The Thought That Counts

I realize I have my limits in the old brain sponge. Last night I started reading about, Wigner's friend.' I read a lot- sometim...