Friday, May 24, 2019

War Games

I post this not because I have any pride for what our country has done by sending young people away only to come back as broken wreaks who have seen things we can never imagine. Because of men who prefer to play war games this is the reality we have grown up with. We are brainwashed to believe this is a noble endeavor, to die for cowards who control the moves like in a chess game. Men and women come home broken, only to be ignored by the cowards who sent them, and the stream of citizens who shake their heads and back away from the dirty, alcoholic, drug addled lumps splayed across a sidewalk. We send them off, hurrah, hurrah! Then we expect them to come back and live the life they went to war to fight for. So, once a year we honor them. We show them off, shake their hands, thank them for their service, and then go back to bitching about another war game on the horizon. We have not learned a damn thing.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

I Live on Air and Air Alone

We all know we cannot live on air alone, yet... why am I so intrigued by people who say they follow the breatharian diet? I think I want to see some sort of physical mutation which makes them different from regular humans who prefer eating yummy foods. Obviously, the problem is inside these people. There is something missing from their lives so they believe they need to enhance their being. Some people don't go nearly as far, but you see it and read about it all the time, such as the man who claims he was in the marines and has the hat and medals to prove it. I don't get it. The rawther normal thinking person knows breatharians are full of hot air (ho-hum) so why do they continue with such a ludicrous lie? It's sad, really. They can manage to block out reality because it must be so awful to be themselves not realizing we are all pretty unexceptional. Yes, yes, there are people with special talents, like being able to wiggle their ears, belch the alphabet, recite volumes of dead poets. There are some people who have natural talents, learned talents, interesting lifestyles, blah blah, blah...
I recently wrote about the family of eight who hiked the AT. I thought that was very cool. Still do. But then I started watching their other videos and realized mom and pop want to be special, even to the point of potentially harming the health of their children (anti-vaxxers) They want to separated from the pack, so to speak.

We all want to be special, but you can't just say you are something without back-up. If you really want to be special and be seen be special, go outside and pick up the garbage in your area. Don't try to be special by making up who you are. You will be busted every time.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Rape and More Rape

Happy Friday! We are all still here. I'm not sure how since the sturm und drang is still our daily dose. Everyday becomes more surreal. War with Iran? Men deciding on what a woman can do with her body? More defacing of our planet?

My solution? Bomb the fucking Mar-A- Lago when the three stooges, Trump, Pence and McConnell are present. No more sex for males?females until men show they have been neutered. Again, just blow up the fucker.

*Disclaimer. Hey, just saying. Not like I own any ammo, and my readers are peace lovin' peeps.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day

Mothers Day is on Sunday. My mother has been gone since 2004. I didn't cry when I'd heard she had died. She hadn't been the type of mom to hug or kiss her children. She never once said she loved me. She had had a tough and lonely life growing up so I had learned to accept it. I still have not cried because my mother is dead. My tears had been all used up.

We pass on what we have been given.

Her mother had been as cold and unemotional as well. During the few family reunions we did have I realized there was something different with my grandmother.  Her four sisters were outgoing and funny and always touching one another. Mom had been born to the wrong sister. My mother had been raised mostly by her grandparents while my grandma worked. At some point in my mother's early years she had been sent to a boarding school. When I read the beginning of Jane Eyre, I see my mother, who is also named, Jane. My mother was blonde, thin, and as frail looking as the fictional character I shed buckets of tears. My mother's father was not in the picture, and she never talked about him. No one did. Of course, this information came out in bits as we grew up, but, as a child the blame for being unloved was pointed at the nearest person, the Jane before me.

 When I was a young mother, I told my daughter how much I loved her every single day. I was not a huggy, cuddly type, but, I always told her how much I loved her.

I don't remember the last time I said those words to my child, now grown with a daughter of her own. I don't recall the last time she said she loved me. I don't know if she ever did.

"I love you, child."

"I love you, too."

It was enough, then.

Hug your children.  Tell them you love them. They will remember. They will pass it on.

Update: It turned into a lovely day. We did our crafties, watched scary movies, and had fun. I even received the now rare helium filled balloon. I guess the words don't always need to be said when our actions tell it all.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Blissful Ignorance

I shall share my late night musings with you. I started pondering on evolution and whether we are still evolving. Considering the circumstances of our country right now, we may have devolved. In reality, we are evolving most certainly. We are adapting to our environment. Well, what will we look like say, ten thousand years from now if the planet is still around? I see our little home bruised and battered. We didn't listen to dire warnings to clean up the planet, so now we have filters in our noses which replace polluted oxygen which is emitted back into the air through gills on our neck. We stoop  from centuries of looking at our phones. Our thumb digit is three times its 2019 size, as well as our eyes. Our skin is brown. We no longer need outside hardware because it is all within us. We are chipped and numbered. Women are sterile and we have all morphed into an androgynous form. We can only tell the difference between male and female by the naturally made stripes on the female. Male/female, we are no longer defined by sex. Babies are created with 3D printers, and human parts can also be made to replace any part of the body. We no longer work. Robots do all manual labor. Due to the oceans rising, we have limited space, so we build up, everyone allowed a 20' by 30' pod. Junk food has been banned due to our extreme obesity, but can still be found on the black market. Farms no longer exist. Food is created in labs. Drones deliver an equal amount of produce each week. There is one world order run by a computer based in China.

It all isn't dreary. We still believe in true love, still believe in a God, we still dream and wish, and hope.

This all sounds kind of corny as I read this, but I'm glad I won't be around to see what happens by what we have made of our planet in the present.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


Det här är snällt coolt. Jag ser släktingar från Sverige på Facebook som skickar bilder på våra förfäder och var de bodde. Jag skulle gärna besöka någon dag snart, trots att jag är så långt bort som jag känner till anslutningen.

The Swedish chef insisted on writing first. I shall translate for him. Der de der, I mean...

This is kind of cool. I see relatives from Sweden on Facebook who post pictures of our ancestors and where they lived. I'd love to visit someday soon, even though as far away as I am I feel the connection.

This is where my great-grandparents lived. The woman on the right is my grandmother's sister, Helvi.

This is my grandmother, Elvira, (sixth from right, wearing dark dress) with her sisters right before she and two of sisters moved to America.

The Persson homestead.

I realize this may be of no interest to you, but, whatever happens on the internet, stays on the internet.

War Games

I post this not because I have any pride for what our country has done by sending young people away only to come back as broken wreaks who ...